No todo lo que brilla es oro

Spanish Proverb

No todo lo que brilla es oro.


No todas las son cosas son como parecen a simple vista. No todo lo que parece bueno lo es. Por ende, no es conveniente sólo fijarse en las apariencias.

Brillar (Verbo): Resplandecer, iluminar.
Oro (Sust. masc): Metal precioso, color dorado.

Brillar (Verbo): To shine
Oro (Sust. masc): Gold

Meaning of No todo lo que brilla es oro.

Not everything is as it seems at first sight. Not everything that seems good really is good. Therefore, it’s not advantageous to only fixate on physical appearances.

This is similar to the English expression: All that glitters is not gold.

Do you think that this is true?

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