A common mistake in Spanish about using embarazada instead of avergonzada

A common mistake for English speakers using Spanish is that they say they are embarazada (or embarazado) when they are embarrassed. Well, be careful because embarazada is a false friend and doesn’t mean embarrassed (yes, even though they looks similar). In fact, it means you are pregnant instead of embarrassed.

So, you can imagine the looks on people’s faces when a guy says “Estoy embarazado” … because they’re saying they are pregnant!

So, how do you say you are embarrassed in Spanish?
You can say estoy avergonzada (for a woman) or estoy avergonzado (for a man)

See our notes about the difference here: embarazada vs avergonzada

and try our interactive game to practice the difference between embarazada and avergonzada

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