A sign in Spanish saying Celebre con responsibilidad

Vocabulary – Vocabulario

Celebrar (verb) = To celebrate
Con (preposition) = with
Responsabilidad (noun – fem) = Responsibility


Imperativo – Imperative

Notice how the verb “celebre” ends in an E even though celebrar is an –AR verb.
That is because the verb is in the imperativo (imperative) form.

Remember that this conjugation is often used to give orders or instructions.
In the case of this photo you are “instructed” to celebrate in a responsible way.

More information about the imperativo here: Imperativos

Suffixes in Spanish

Notice how many words in Spanish that end in –idad and similar to words that end in –ity in English.
The same for words ending in –edad in Spanish are similar to words that end in –ety in English. Examples:

celebridad = celebrity
electricidad = electricity
variedad = variety
sociedad = society


This photo was taken during the Fiestas Patrias de Chile. You can just make out the image of a couple dancing the cueca, Chile’s national dance.


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