The following chart is aimed towards children that are native Spanish speakers who need to learn the classification of nouns at school.
In Chile this classification of nouns in Spanish is taught in primero básico and segundo básico (1st and 2nd grade).

Clasificación de los Sustantivos en Castellano

Spanish Nouns can generally be classified in one of more of the following categories:

  • Sustantivos Masculinos y Femeninos (Masculine or Feminine)
  • Sustantivos Singulares y Plurales (Singular or Plural)
  • Sustantivos Propios y Comunes (Proper Nouns or Common Nouns)
  • Sustantivos Abstractos y Concretos (Abstract or Concrete)
  • Sustantivos Individuales y Colectivos (Individual or Collective)
  • Sustantivos Contables e Incontables (Countable or Uncountable)
  • Sustantivos Primitivos y Derivados (Base or Derived)
  • Sustantivos Compuestos (Compound nouns)

For more information about the different types of nouns, visit:

Clasificación de los sustantivos en castellano (page entirely in Spanish)

At what grade is this classification taught in your country?

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