One of the first things you come across when learning languages are the Days of the Week.

List of Days of the week in Spanish

Notice how the Spanish days of the week do NOT start with a capital letter.

  • lunes (Monday)
  • martes (Tuesday)
  • miércoles (Wednesday)
  • jueves (Thursday)
  • viernes (Friday)
  • sábado (Saturday)
  • domingo (Sunday)

You can hear the pronunciation of these days in the video below:

See our complete lesson about Days of the week in Spanish.

Learning Tip

One tip to help you learn the days of the week is if you have a wall calendar (Do other people still use these? I do!) and to cover the names of the days in English (or your language) with their equivalents in Spanish.

If you don’t have a calendar then in some part of your room or office put some flash cards on a wall (or mirror/fridge etc.) that say:
Hoy es … (= Today is…)
and other cards for each day of the week (lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, domingo)
Just remember to change them first thing in the morning.

NOTE: Check out our Spanish Days of the Week Flash Cards and Activities (For Spanish Teachers and Students).

Once you have learned the Days in Spanish, then try this game:
Juego de los días de la semana
The questions in the game are similar to: “Antes del martes está el ___.” (with 4 alternatives to choose from)
Quick Help: Antes = Before —– Después = After

To help you, we have created the following charts about the Days of the week in Spanish. One chart is with the names of the days in Spanish with the English translation beside each one. The other is with the days in Spanish without by themselves. Keep a copy of one of these on your phone, computer or just print it out.

Días de la semana en español

Days of the week in Spanish with English translation - Los días de la semana en español y inglés

¿Cuál es tu día favorito?
(What is your favorite day?)

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