I have just created a new page about Diptongo e Hiato. These are when Spanish words have two vowels together and how sometimes they are pronounced as one syllable (diptongo) or as a part of two individual syllables (hiato).

In Chile this topic is seen by 3rd and 4th grade students during language classes (lenguaje). So I created this page to help students with their homework and for parents who usually won’t remember what these are when their child asks about them. 🙂

Summary Chart

This summary chart is a good reference guide for students.Diptongo e Hiato en español - Diphthong and Hiatus in Spanish

Here are some games to practice Diptongo vs. Hiato:
JUEGO: Diptongo e Hiato – ¿Esta palabra tiene Hiato o Diptongo?
JUEGO: Diptongo e Hiato 2 – ¿Cuál palabra tiene Diptongo? ¿Cuál palabra tiene Hiato?

Parent / Teacher Resource

I also created these worksheets that can be used in classrooms by teachers or by parents at home with their children (homeschool or exam prep). It includes our summary chart above in higher resolution.

Spanish Worksheets - Diptongo e Hiato

Every purchase helps me pay for the running of our website and so I can create more learning material for everyone.

I hope you found these resources about Diptongo e Hiato useful. If you did, remember to let others know about it.

Oh also, in English…

Diptongo in English = Diphthong
Hiato in English = Hiatus
Vocal in English = vowel

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