Foto de un desfibrilador

Foto de un desfibrilador

Another example of real life Spanish, we recently took this photo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
What is it? What else does it say?


Vocabulario – Vocabulary

Desfibrilador – (noun – masc) defibrillator (that device you use to give an electrical charge to the heart area in an emergency).
Sonar – (verb) to ring; when an alarm makes a sound
Alarma – (noun – fem) alarm
Sólo – (adverb) only
Personal – (noun – masc) staff
Entrenado – (adjective) trained

How do you say heart in Spanish? …
Corazón (noun – masc)

SONARA: Notice how they did not put the tilde above to final A to show the verb is in the future tense.

Well, in correct Spanish it should be there (see Tildes with Capital Letters) though you may see signs without it. It should be written as SONARÁ.

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