How to have a hangover in Spanish

How to be Hungover … in Spanish

There are many ways of saying you are hungover in Spanish and today we are going learn some as well as some other useful phrases for the morning after a night on the town.

Kiddies… don’t try this at home …go to a friend’s house instead.

You will need to conjugate (change) the following verbs depending on whether you are hungover, I am hungover, we are hungover, the hairy Hungarian guys in the corner are hungover etc.


Tener una resaca
Andar con el hachazo
Estar con el hacha (de uso poco común)
Andar con la caña (mala)
Andar con la mona (o el gorila)
Andar con la esponja

Resaca literally means undertow or strong undercurrents (backward movement of waves)
Hachazo literally means an axe blow (hack/cut). This is often accompanied by body language of the edge of your palm striking the center of your forehead (imitating the blow of an axe splitting your head).
Hacha is an axe or hatchet.
Caña is literally cane. Maybe it has to do with needing a walking stick to get around the next day… external support to keep you up after a heavy night.
Mona is a female monkey. The gorila (gorilla) is when the hangover is bigger (and “hairy-er”)
Esponja is a sponge. Probably used because in the morning you are as dry as a mummy’s fart so soak up all the liquids you can, much like a sponge.

If you know of other ways of saying you are hangover in Spanish, please let us know in the comments below.


Resaca = Tener dolor de cabeza, causado por una intensa ingesta de alcohol. (hangover)
Vómito = Sustancia que se expulsa al devolver la comida o el trago.  (vomit)
Mareos = Vértigos, desmayos. (dizziness)
Frío = Sensación térmica de frío (cold)
Sed = Necesidad de tomar agua. (thirsty)
Labios partidos = Heridas producidas en los labios porque están muy secos. (chapped lips)


Tengo una fuerte resaca
= I have a strong hangover

No hables tan fuerte
= Don’t talk so loud

Tengo sed
= I’m thirsty

¿Tienes paracetamol? (aspirina)
= Have you got any paracetamol? (aspirin)

¿Hice algo estúpido anoche?
= Did I do anything stupid last night?

And the most famous (lie)…
= Never again!

Your homework is to get drunk and use these expressions the next day!
Disclaimer: Only if you CAN LEGALLY drink and we will not be held responsible for any bodily harm, drunken tattoos or mother-in-laws that you may wake up next to the following day.

¿Cuándo fue la última vez que estuviste con el hachazo?
When was the last time you had a hungover?

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