Saying that you LIKE something in Spanish can sometimes be difficult for an English speaker because the rules for conjugating (changing) the verb, in this case GUSTAR, are different from your normal rules.

That is why we have just created a new page all about the verb GUSTAR in Spanish.
(How to say you like something in Spanish)

Spanish Grammar Games

Once you have read our grammar notes about the rules for using the Spanish verb GUSTAR, then try these games…
Gusta vs Gustan and Indirect Object Pronoun + Gustar

Spanish Teacher Resources

We have created a Spanish reading passage using Gustar which includes additional exercises to practice using this verb.

It also contains a copy of the summary chart below that you can use in your classroom.

Gustar Summary Chart

And of course here is a simple summary chart showing you the correct order when saying that you like something in Spanish:

The Spanish Verb GUSTAR and how to say that you like something in Spanish

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