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Learn something new in Spanish every day

One of the most important things about learning Spanish (or any language) is to be consistent.

It is best to learn a little every day than try and learn a lot in one day and nothing over the next ones.

The more frequently you have contact with Spanish, the quicker you will learn.

To help you keep in touch with Spanish every day, we have created a Learn Spanish Blog as a part of this site to help you improve your Spanish.

As of Monday 6th of June 2011 we have been publishing the following:

Monday: Spanish Proverbs & Quotes

Common Proverbs in Spanish as well as famous quotes to inspire you and to learn from.

Tuesday: Real-Life Spanish

We will show real-life examples of Spanish (normally with photos) and explain what it is about.

Wednesday: Spanish Jokes and Fun

Funny Spanish jokes, cartoons and things that will make you laugh as you learn Spanish. Of course we will try to explain why it is funny.

Thursday: Idiomatic Expressions in Spanish

There are many idiomatic expressions in Spanish and countries have many different ways of saying the things in their local Spanish. Here we help you learn these idioms and local slang by adding a new one every week with an explanation of what it means including examples of it.

Friday: Stories, Articles & Learning Tips

Short Stories in Spanish, articles and longer texts to read that contain a lot of vocabulary to help you learn. Every now and then we will also write about tips that will help you learn Spanish.

Remember that every day (Monday – Sunday) we have a new Spanish word of the Day on Twitter (which you can also see to the right)

Hope you enjoy it!

Rob W.

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