Spanish Proverb

El martes no te cases ni te embarques.

Casarse (Verbo): Compromiso amoroso, de carácter legal con otra persona.
Embarcar (Verbo): Navegar, viajar.

Existe la creencia popular de que el día martes es de mala suerte, contraer matrimonio o realizar un viaje. Por ello se recomienda no realizar dichas acciones en esos días


Martes (Noun): Tuesday – See Days and Months in Spanish
Casarse (Verbo): To get married
Embarcar (Verbo): To embark, to board a ship / travel.


It’s popular belief that Tuesday is an unlucky day to get married or to embark upon a trip. For that reason, it’s recommended that you don’t do these things on this day.


Why does the conjugation of the verbs end in –es when they are AR verbs?
Because you are using the imperative (to give orders and advice)


Did you know that Martes 13 (Tuesday 13th) is considered the unlucky day instead of Friday 13th?


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