No estacionar toda la cuadra ambos costados

No Estacionar – Toda La Cuadra Ambos Costados

I found this sign on a post on the side of the road in Santiago, Chile.

The symbol of a red circle with a red diagonal line crossing it universally known as NO (insert thing or activity you aren’t supposed to do)

Notice how there is the letter E instead of a P (for Parking):
That is because the E is for Estacionar which means To Park
So the sign is saying No Estacionar or No Parking


Estacionar = To Park
Todo = All (the entire)
La Cuadra = the block (refering to streets)
Ambos = Both
Costados = Sides


Be careful not to confuse Cuadra and Cuadro

La Cuadra (fem): the block (of streets)
El Cuadro (masc): The square (form), the painting


So what does the sign mean?
It more or less says:
No parking on any part of the entire block on neither side of the road.


¿Es fácil encontrar estacionamiento en tu ciudad?
Is it easy to find parking in your city?


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