Spanish Joke of the Week


Esposa = wife
Esposo = husband
Año = year
Nada = nothing
Comprar = to buy
Vender = to sell
No sé = I don’t know

The Joke in Spanish

Esposa: Mi amorcito, hace cuatro años que no me compras nada.
Esposo: Pues, no sé qué vendes.


The key to this joke are the words No me compras nada which can have a double meaning.

1. You don’t buy me anything (which is what the wife intended on saying)
2. You don’t buy anything from me (which is what the husband understood)

Object Pronouns

Why do we have the object pronoun ME before the verb Vender.
In Spanish the object pronoun normally goes before the verb.

Me ve = He/She sees me
Te escribí un carta = I wrote you a letter OR I wrote a letter to you.


Notice the diminutive “cito” at the end of the Word Amor

People often add ito (or cito) to the end of words (nouns) to show more affection for that person or thing. Literally it is like saying my little love though doesn’t mean your love is little.


¿Cuál fue la última cosa que compraste para tu pareja?
What was the last thing you bought for your partner?


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