Spanish Joke of the Week

Chiste de la Semana

Entra un nuevo profesor al curso y se presenta…
Profesor: Buenos días, mi nombre es Largo.
Pablito: No importa, tenemos tiempo.


Vocabulary – Vocabulario

Be careful with the difference between presentar and presentarse
Presentar = to present, to offer, to display something
Presentarse = to introduce yourself
We put the se before presentar because it is a reflexive verb.
So here the teacher se presenta or presents himself (to the class)

Largo = Long
Be careful, Largo is a false friend. If you want to say Large, we use Grande.

No importa = It doesn’t matter
Tener tiempo = to have time (to do something)
Remember that Tiempo sometimes means weather so if the verb tener is before the noun tiempo, it refers to having time (to do something).

The student thinks that the teacher’s name is long, as in the length of it.
In fact the teacher should have said his name is Sr. Largo. Because Largo is his surname.

Hope you enjoyed this Spanish joke of the week.


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