The following chart about the 5 main parts of a letter in Spanish is for teachers helping their students or parents that suddenly need to remember the parts of a letter so they can help their kids do their homework… or with an upcoming test. Much like was our case 🙂

In addition, we created a short letter that a boy (Diego) wrote to his grandmother on his trip to Chile to use as an example.

Those that are not teachers or parents will still find the actual letter part useful because of the language (grammar and vocabulary) used. Notice the different tenses used.

Partes de una carta informal - Parts of an informal letter in Spanish

Las cinco partes de una carta informal son:
The 5 main parts of an informal letter in Spanish are:

  • Lugar y Fecha – (city/place and date)
  • Saludo – (greeting)
  • Cuerpo – (body)
  • Despedida – (farewell)
  • Firma – (signature/name)

Here you can find out much more about the different parts of a letter in Spanish.

Let us know if you found this useful.

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