Día de San Patricio Lecturas – 5 Saint Patrick’s Day Stories in Spanish


5 short Reading Passages about St. Patrick’s Day in Spanish with comprehension questions.
cuentos cortos originales acerca del Día de San Patricio con preguntas de comprensión.


Spanish Reading Activity about Saint Patrick’s Day

Reading and listening activities in Spanish about St. Patrick’s Day (el Día de San Patricio) for students learning Spanish (Spanish 2).


The five stories are short texts with three paragraphs each. They are written in the Simple Present Tense or the Past Tense. The rest of the page has simple comprehension questions to check understanding.

Story 1: San Patricio – The first short reading passage is about the Saint San Patricio (Saint Patrick) and is in the past tense.
Story 2: El festival de San Patricio – The next reading is about the traditional St. Patrick’s Day festival in Dublin.
Story 3: El trébol – The third reading passage is about a class celebrating this day and what the trébol (three-leaf clover) means.
Story 4: La Isla Esmeralda – A reading passage about why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle.
Story 5: El Leprechaun – A story about Ana who goes looking for a duende (leprechaun).

These worksheets should only take 10-15 minutes each so are a great item to warm up a class or to end the day. You could do a worksheet every day (lasting a school week) or leave them as homework.

These reading passages would be great in an emergency as a quick filler and you may also find them useful to hand out to fast finishers (so they don’t disrupt others).

All reading texts, questions and instructions are 100% in Spanish making it ideal for language immersion classrooms.

The Printable PDF Version of this resource includes:

  • Teacher Guide in Spanish – (1 page)
  • Reading with Questions – San Patricio – (1 page)
  • Reading with Questions – El festival de San Patricio – (1 page)
  • Reading with Questions – El trébol – (1 page)
  • Reading with Questions – La Isla Esmeralda – (1 page)
  • Reading with Questions – El Leprechaun – (1 page)
  • 5 Stories on one page – (1 page)
  • 5 Stories on one page with missing words – (1 page)
  • Teacher Answers – (6 pages)
  • Reading Text with image (no questions) – Horizontal Page Version – (5 Pages)


With EASEL, you can assign these interactive digital activities to your students which can be completed on any device. EASEL is ideal for use in distance learning settings and also in the physical classroom.

The Digital Easel Version of this reading resource includes:

  • Reading, with image and no questions – 1 page per reading
  • Reading and no questions WITH AUDIO – 1 page per reading
  • Reading with a MULTIPLE CHOICE question – 2 pages per reading
  • Reading with a YES/NO question – 2 pages per reading
  • Reading with a FILL THE BLANK – 1 page per reading
  • Reading, larger text without main image, no questions – 1 page per reading
  • Reading, larger text without main image, FILL THE BLANK activity – 1 page per reading

There are 5 readings (1. San Patricio, 2. El festival de San Patricio, 3. El trébol, 4. La Isla Esmeralda, 5. El Leprechaun).
Each reading has all of the digital versions that appear above.

This printable PDF version and the Digital EASEL version are both available immediately upon purchase. Pen and paper or digital … you choose which version fits best in your classroom’s learning model.

Bonus Listening Activity

We have now included a page with all 5 stories on it (without exercises). This can be used where the teacher gives the comprehension questions orally, or can be used in conjunction with the audio on our YouTube channel or on EASEL by TpT™ so they can read as they listen (without the distraction of other activities on the page).

There is another sheet with the 5 stories on one page, but this time with certain words missing and replaced by a blank line where students can fill with the word they hear on the listening.

Note: The audio for this listening activity appears on our YouTube channel. The audio also appears as a part of the digital resource of EASEL by TpT™. The recording is spoken by Angélica Prieto, a native Spanish speaker.

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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ EXCELENTE es poco. Es un recurso que te explica muy bien la historia de St’ Patrick’s. Considero que muchos lugares deben implementar hablar a sus estudiantes sobre este tema, al menos a mis estudiantes les resulto muy interesante y lo disfrutaron mucho. – Leyra M.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ My students loved it!  – Zainab N.
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Spanish Listening

Here is the audio that accompanies the short stories. It will also give you an idea of the content and level of these short reading passages.

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5 historias cortas acerca del Día de San Patricio con preguntas de comprensión.

¡Qué tengas buen día!
– Angélica Prieto y Rob W.
Woodward Education

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