Spanish Conversation Questions – Personal Information


Spanish Conversation Questions – Personal Information Flash Cards for Spanish Speaking Practice


Spanish Conversation Starters – Personal Information Flash Cards for Spanish Speaking Practice

This resource contains 50 conversation questions in Spanish on individual cards. The main topic of these questions is about personal information.

NOTE: These questions are intended for ADULT ELE learners though most of the questions are also suitable for teenagers. Having said this, you can remove or not use some of the cards that are not age appropriate. I recommend downloading the preview so you can see the list of 50 questions that appear on these cards or see our video where all of these questions appear (video coming soon).

There are MANY ways these conversation starters can be used in the Spanish classroom.
Ideally you would laminate these conversations cards so they can be used over and over again.

One way to use these conversation cards is by giving each student a card.
They should then get up from their desks and find a partner. Students take turns asking and answering the questions on the cards with their partner. Once finished, they should exchange cards and find another partner to repeat the same activity.
This is a great tool for working on basic conversation tools.

These cards can also be used as writing prompts or even as warm-ups at the beginning of a class.

You can see all of the questions in this resource, as well as the accompanying cartoon pictures, in our video here: Spanish Conversation Questions – VIDEO

CONTENT: This Spanish teacher resource contains 27 Pages:

  • List of conversation questions for teachers – (2 pages)
  • Questions cards – Two per page – (25 pages)

LEVEL: Intermediate (CEFR – B1 Level)
AGE: 13+
Format: .PDF

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