Spanish Family Tree Worksheets


Spanish Family Tree Worksheets
Ejercicios de árboles genealógicos en español


Activities to learn Spanish vocabulary about members of the family.

Wall Chart / Handout
The main chart contains a family tree presenting the relationship between different members of a family. The following Spanish vocabulary appears in the chart: abuelo, abuela, tío, tía, padre, madre, hermano, hermana, tú, cuñada, primo, prima, sobrino, sobrina, hijo, hija, yerno, nieto, nieta.

Spanish Family Tree Activity
There are two sheets with members of the family in Spanish in mini cards (to be cut up) for when students make their own family tree. The Spanish vocabulary in these little cards are: abuelo, abuela, padre, madre, yo, hermano, hermana, tío, tía, primo, prima, suegro, suegra, esposa, esposo, hija, hijo and four cards that are blank where you (or the student) can add any other family members (like sobrino, cuñado etc.)
Students can also do this activity in pair work to create the family tree of one of their classmates.

There are also two invented family trees of the Familia González and the Familia Pérez. Students will need to fill the gaps and answer questions writing the correct name or relationship between family members according to the charts.

IMPORTANT: This product is completely in Spanish without any English on any of the worksheets. The teacher guides are also completely in Spanish.

CONTENT: This pack contains 14 Pages:

  • Spanish Family Tree – Teacher Guide – (2 pages)
  • Spanish Family Tree Vocabulary Chart – (1 page)
  • Miembros de mi familia – Blank Worksheet for activity – (1 page)
  • Mini cards – Members of the family in Spanish – (2 pages)
  • La Familia González – Family Tree – (1 page)
  • La Familia González – Exercises – (2 pages)
  • La Familia Pérez – Family Tree and Exercises – (1 page)
  • La Familia de ___ – Blank Worksheet for activity (1 page)
  • Teacher Answers – (3 pages)

LEVEL: Pre-intermediate (CEFR – A1+/A2 Level) – A good Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 Review
AGE: From 9 years
Format: .PDF


Aprender vocabulario de los miembros de la familia en español.

CONTENIDO: Este pack contiene 14 Páginas:

  • La Familia – Guía del profesor – (2 páginas)
  • Afiche de los miembros de la familia – (1 página)
  • Miembros de mi familia – Hoja en blanco para una actividad – (1 página)
  • Láminas recortables de los miembros de la familia – (2 páginas)
  • La Familia González – Árbol Genealógico – (1 página)
  • La Familia González – Ejercicios – (2 páginas)
  • La Familia Pérez – Árbol Genealógico y Ejercicios – (1 página)
  • La Familia de ___ – Hoja en blanco para una actividad (1 página)
  • Respuestas para los profesores – (3 páginas)

NIVEL: Pre-intermedio
EDAD: Desde los 9 años
Formato: .PDF


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