Spanish Name Tags


Spanish Name Tags with or without Flags
Etiquetas para nombres (con o sin banderas)


Name Tags in Spanish

These foldable Spanish name tags are ideal for the beginning of the school year when you are learning the names of each student. They are also perfect for when you have a substitute teacher. The name tags have a space which can be filled with their real name or their “Spanish name” if you use these in class.

Recommendation: For ease, print these on cardstock and have students fold them like a tent then put them on their desks. Alternatively students can use just one side of the “tent” and pin it their shirt like a badge. This is ideal for group activities and when students need to interact with others around the room.

Four Versions
There are four versions of the name tags. Two versions have country flags to the left, and the other two versions have the word “¡Hola!” on the left (without a flag).

Both the names tags with flags and those with “¡Hola!” have two versions. To the right of the name tag one set has “Me llamo” written while the other set says “Mi nombre es”.

The flags are of the 21 Spanish-speaking countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, España, Guatemala, Guinea Ecuatorial, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Uruguay, Venezuela.
* Note that the country names are written in Spanish below the flag.

CONTENT: This pack contains 10 Pages:

  • Spanish name tag – Version: Flag + Me llamo – (4 pages)
  • Spanish name tag – Version: Flag + Mi nombre es – (4 pages)
  • Spanish name tag – Version: ¡Hola! + Me llamo – (1 page)
  • Spanish name tag – Version: ¡Hola! + Mi nombre es – (1 page)

LEVEL: Beginner (CEFR – A1 Level – Spanish 1)

AGE: All ages
Format: .PDF


Etiquetas para nombres.

CONTENIDO: Este pack contiene 10 Páginas:

  • Etiquetas para nombres – Bandera + Me llamo (4 páginas)
  • Etiquetas para nombres – Bandera + Mi nombre es (4 páginas)
  • Etiquetas para nombres – ¡Hola! + Me llamo (1 página)
  • Etiquetas para nombres – ¡Hola! + Mi nombre es (1 página)

NIVEL: Principiante (CEFR – A1 Level)

EDAD: Todas las edades
Formato: .PDF

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