Spanish Reading – 4 de Julio


Spanish Reading Passages about 4th of July celebrations.
Lecturas en español acerca de las celebraciones del cuatro de julio en Estados Unidos.


Spanish reading passages about the celebration of el cuatro de julio (4th of July) in United States.

There are five short stories in Spanish. They are about El 4 de Julio (4th of July), Feliz 4 de Julio (Happy 4th of July), Mi primer 4 de julio (My first 4th of July), Los fuegos artificiales (The fireworks), and El aniversario de Estados Unidos (The anniversary of United States).

There are simple comprehension questions and other activities to check understanding of each reading passage.

All of the reading passages are written in the Simple Present Tense. However in the first reading there is a question that uses the past tense (¿En qué año se firmó la …?). See the preview to get an idea of the level of Spanish used.

The reading passages, all questions and instructions are 100% in Spanish making it ideal for language immersion classrooms. Answers sheets have been included.

CONTENT: This resource contains 10 Pages:

  • Spanish Reading – El 4 de Julio – (1 page)
  • Spanish Reading – Feliz 4 de Julio – (1 page)
  • Spanish Reading – Mi primer 4 de Julio – (1 page)
  • Spanish Reading – Los fuegos artificiales – (1 page)
  • Spanish Reading – El aniversario de Estados Unidos – (1 page)
  • Teacher Answers – (5 pages)

LEVEL: Elementary (CEFR – A2 Level) – Spanish 1+ (Spanish 2 revision)
AGE: From 9 years and up
Format: .PDF

Cinco lecturas cortas acerca del cuatro de julio.

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