Spanish Task Cards – Demonstratives – Demostrativos


Three sets of task cards to help learn Spanish demonstrative adjectives.
Tarjetas de selección múltiple para aprender los adjetivos demostrativos en español.


Spanish Task Cards – Demonstrative Adjective + Noun Agreement
La concordancia entre adjetivos demostrativos y sustantivos
(Mini Bundle)

Three sets of multiple choice task cards to help students learn demonstrative adjectives in Spanish. Each set has 32 task cards for a total of 96 cards. The three sets are:

Each set can be purchased individually though there is a significant discount purchasing this mini bundle of the three sets.

Students need to choose the correct form of the demonstrative that accompanies the noun. In the answers the demonstrative will always appear in its four forms, singular, plural, masculine and feminine. Each task card is similar to the following: ___ oficina. (options: este, esta, estos, estas)
We do not use complete sentences, just a blank space before a simple noun to make it easier for students who are just started learning this rule.

There is an answer sheet for students as well as an answer key where students can check their own answers.

CONTENT: This resource contains 30 Pages:

  • Spanish Task Cards: este, esta, estos, estas – (10 pages)
  • Spanish Task Cards: ese, esa, esos, esas – (10 pages)
  • Spanish Task Cards: aquel, aquella, aquellos, aquellas – (10 pages)

LEVEL: Beginner (CEFR – A1 Level – Spanish 1)
AGE: 8+
Format: .ZIP (containing 3 PDF files)


Tarjetas de selección múltiple (u opción múltiple) para aprender los adjetivos demostrativos en español.

CONTENIDO: Este recurso contiene 30 Páginas:

  • Tarjetas: este, esta, estos, estas – (10 pages)
  • Tarjetas: ese, esa, esos, esas – (10 pages)
  • Tarjetas: aquel, aquella, aquellos, aquellas – (10 pages)

EDAD: 8 años o más

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