TENER – Spanish Verb Conjugation Worksheets – Present Tense


Spanish Worksheets to learn the correct conjugation of the verb TENER in the simple present tense.
Ejercicios para practicar la conjugación del verbo TENER en español (en el presente de indicativo).


Spanish Worksheets to learn the correct conjugation of the verb TENER in Spanish. This refers to its conjugation in the simple present tense (presente de indicativo).

Chart: A chart with the subject pronouns (yo, tú, él/ella, usted, nostros/as, vosotros/as, ellos/ellas, ustedes) on the left, next to each subject pronoun is the conjugation of the verb TENER, and then in the column on the right, is an example sentence using that form of the verb. (e.g. Yo tengo dos hermanos). The conjugated verb in the example sentence is highlighted.

We have also included a version with two smaller versions of this chart on one page.

Worksheet 1-3: Each worksheet has 15 sentences in Spanish. Students need to Fill The Blank space in each sentence with the correct conjugation of the Spanish verb TENER. You could use one in class, one as homework and the other as a filler activity (great for fast-finishers).

Worksheet 4: Sentence Word Order activity. There are 15 groups of words. Students need to put the words in their correct order to make a sentence in Spanish. All of these sentences contain the verb TENER in its correct conjugation.

Worksheet 5: This worksheet is similar to the previous one though has the difference of the verb TENER appearing in infinitive form. Students not only need to order the words to make a sentence, but they also need to correctly conjugate the verb TENER.

NOTE: Even though the personal pronoun vosotros and its conjugation of tenéis appears in the chart, we do not use this form in any of the sentences or exercises.

NOTE: At the moment we are not directly teaching WHEN to use the verb TENER (for example using TENER instead of using SER/ESTAR – tengo frío, tiene cinco años etc.), we are just looking at the correct conjugation of the verb and learning some simple vocabulary. Some idea of correct uses of the verb TENER may be seen/understood doing these exercises.

IMPORTANT: All of the worksheets, including instructions, are 100% in Spanish.
An answer sheet has been included so that students can check their own work if this resource is used as part of a literary center.

CONTENT: This resource contains 12 Pages:

  • TENER Conjugation Summary Chart – (1 page)
  • TENER Conjugation Summary Chart (smaller version) – (1 page)
  • Fill the blanks – Conjugation exercises – (3 pages)
  • Sentence Word Order activity – (1 page)
  • Sentence Word Order activity and conjugate the verb – (1 page)
  • Teacher Answers – (5 pages)

LEVEL: Beginner (CEFR – A1 Level) – Spanish 1
AGE: From 7 years
Format: .PDF

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