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Spanish Free Time Worksheets and Charts

Ejercicios con vocabulario asociado con el tiempo libre en español


El Tiempo Libre y El Ocio – Worksheets in Spanish
Free time and leisure activities – Spanish Worksheets and Charts

Most of the activities on these worksheets are to work on common free time vocabulary in Spanish with emphasis on using adverbs of frequency and other time expressions.

Chart 1: The first chart is a summary of Time and Frequency expressions in Spanish. It is divided into four main groups. Group 1 – Una vez, dos veces, tres veces… al día, a la semana etc. Group 2 – Todos los días, meses, años etc. Group 3 – Cada minuto, hora, día etc. Group 4 – Cada dos, tres… minutos, horas etc.

Chart 2: This chart is a summary of Adverbs of Frequency in Spanish (adverbios de frecuencia y locuciones adverbiales). There is an approximate percentage next to each adverb to show how the frequency of that activity when used. There are example sentences of each adverb.

Worksheet 1: A list of 15 different free time activities (the verbs are in infinitive form) and students need to mark an X as to the frequency they do each activity, whether they do it todos los días, con frecuencia, cada fin de semana, una vez al mes or nunca.

Worksheet 2: Using the same vocabulary as the last worksheet, students need to write a complete sentence about how frequently they do each of 15 different free time activities. Note, the verb appears in the infinitive so they need to conjugate it correctly.

Worksheet 3: There are two groups. Group A has a list of questions and Group B has a list of answers to those questions. Students need to match the questions to the appropriate answer.

Worksheet 4: There are 8 sentences about free time activities. Students need to write the question in order to obtain that answer/sentence.

Worksheet 5: There are 10 sentences that are not in order. Students need to write those sentences in the correct order using all of the words.

Worksheet 6: There is a list of adverbs of frequency/time expressions in Spanish. Students need to use each one in their own sentence about different activities they do in their free time.

Teachers can decide in which order to do these worksheets.

IMPORTANT: All information in the charts and the worksheets are 100% in Spanish making it ideal for Dual language immersion classes.

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CONTENT: This resource contains 13 Pages:

  • Chart – Expresiones de Tiempo y Frecuencia – (1 page)
  • Chart – Adverbios de Frecuencia y Locuciones Adverbiales – (1 page)
  • How often do you do each activity – Mark an X – (1 page)
  • How often do you do each activity – Complete sentences (1 page)
  • Match the question to the answer – (1 page)
  • Create the question – (1 page)
  • Order the sentences – (1 page)
  • Use the adverb/time expression in a sentence – (1 page)
  • Answers for Teachers – (5 pages)

LEVEL: Pre-intermediate (CEFR – A2 Level) – Spanish 2
AGE: All ages
Format: .PDF


Actividades para practicar vocabulario asociado con el tiempo libre (el ocio) en español. Hay énfasis en usar expresiones de tiempo, adverbios de frecuencia y locuciones adverbiales.

CONTENIDO: Este recurso contiene 13 Pages:

  • Afiche – Expresiones de Tiempo y Frecuencia – (1 página)
  • Afiche – Adverbios de Frecuencia y Locuciones Adverbiales – (1 página)
  • ¿Con qué frecuencia…? – Marcar con una X – (1 página)
  • ¿Con qué frecuencia…? – Oraciones completas (1 página)
  • Unir la pregunta a la respuesta – (1 página)
  • Crear la pregunta – (1 página)
  • Ordenar las oraciones – (1 página)
  • Usar los adverbios en oraciones – (1 página)
  • Respuestas para profesores – (5 páginas)

NIVEL: Pre-intermedio
EDAD: Todas las edades
Formato: .PDF

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