Spanish Idioms and Slang

Secreto a voces

Meaning in English

This Spanish expression refers to a situation that everyone knows about, but nobody has made public or speaks about openly.

Think of this situation…

Everyone in the office knows that the boss is having an affaire with the accountant but nobody openly talks about it. This is “un secreto a voces


Secreto (Sust. Masc): Información confidencial u oculta a otros. = secret
Voz (Sust. Fem): El sonido que emite cuando habla. = voice

Se refiere a una situación que todo el mundo conoce, pero que nade hace pública.

Ejemplos de Secreto a voces:

  • Es un secreto a voces, que el gerente tiene una relación con su asistente.
  • Todos saben que Mario roba a su jefe, pero nadie dice nade. Es un secreto a voces.
  • Es un secreto a voces que Marta engaña a su marido.

Spanish words ending in Z

The plural of voz is voces
Normally Spanish nouns that end in –Z in singular form change there ending to –CES in plural form

Voz – Voces (voice – voices)
Lapiz – Lapices (pens – pens)
Luz – Luces (light – lights)

The same also happens with Spanish adjectives ending in –Z
(Remember – Adjectives in Spanish have a singular/plural and masculine/feminine form)

Feliz – Felices (happy)
Capaz – Capaces (capable)


Do you know of any secretos a voces?

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