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Why are Woodward Spanish courses free?

I truly want to help as many people as possible to learn Spanish.
In many countries learning Spanish can be expensive or sometimes just not available at all. Some people recommend going to a Spanish-speaking country to learn the language, but honestly, not many of us can do that, either for financial reasons or due to time restraints.

That is where we would like to help and why we have created these Spanish courses. They can be used alone as a self study tool or alongside another course you may be doing. Teachers can also benefit by having their students complete parts of this Spanish course at home and then using the language in the classroom (thinking of flipped classrooms here).

However you use our Spanish courses, I hope you benefit from what we have created.

How is this financed?

At the moment mostly via savings. We have advertisements on the website that give a us a little income (please don’t use your ad-blockers with our website). Sometimes teachers or parents purchase our Printable Spanish Resources in PDF form. This helps us a lot. At the moment these cover the costs of hosting though there are other expenses that need to be covered like the (expensive) yearly license for Adobe products (I use Abode Illustrator to create the charts and Adobe After Effects for the Videos) and we use dedicated servers due to the number of people that visit.

If there are any teachers that would like to volunteer some time or contribute material to this course, I would really, really appreciate it. (At the moment it is just my wife, a native Spanish-speaker, and I creating material in our free time)

If you are interesting in helping in any way, please contact me (Rob) via Facebook or Twitter.

I hope you find our Spanish Courses useful. Remember, if you like them, let others know about it!

Have an awesome day!
Rob Woodward & Angélica Prieto

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