Veo elefantes azules – Spanish Joke

Spanish Joke of the Week

Paciente: Doctor, veo elefantes azules.
Doctor: ¿No ha visto a un psiquiatra?
Paciente: No, sólo veo elefantes azules.

Grammar – Gramática

Remember that in Spanish the adjective (describing word) goes after the noun (the thing it describes)

Casa pequeña = Small house

Also the adjective needs to have the same gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural).

Casa pequeña = Small house (singular)
Casas pequeñas = Small houses (plural)

Barco pequeño = Small boat (singular)
Barcos pequeños = Small boats (plural)

The plural form of azul is azules

Elefante azul (singular)
Elefantes azules (plural)

The patient thinks that the doctor is asking if he has seen a psychiatrist in front of him, just like the blue elephants when in fact he is asking whether he has seen a psychiatrist in the sense of getting help from one.

Hope you enjoyed this Spanish joke of the week.

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One Response to “Veo elefantes azules – Spanish Joke”

  1. ednella 27 October, 2011 at 1:57 pm #

    Muy bueno!

    – ¿Qué es un tomate con una capa?
    – Super-tomate
    – ¿Y un limón con una capa?
    – Un limón disfrazado de super-tomate