Videos for learning Spanish - Videos para aprender español

FINALLY!!!! We have started creating videos to help students learn Spanish.

We created the channel in 2011 though have only just started adding videos now in October 2016. Our intention is to add one or two new Spanish videos every month (unless we are really busy). Some videos will be for people learning Spanish as a foreign language (ELE – español como lengua extranjera) while others will be for native Spanish speakers (especially about lenguaje / castellano and ciencias naturales).

Spanish Teachers are welcome to use our videos in the classroom or use them as something to watch at home (ideal for flipped classrooms). Parents may also find them useful to share with their children (or even better, learn along with them).

We also have some Spanish listening activities that accompany some of our resources.

You can find our YouTube channel here: Woodward Spanish on YouTube

Here are some of our Spanish lessons on YouTube:

Spanish pronunciation and regional differences

The pronunciation of Spanish in our videos will be by native Spanish speakers. Where we can, we will show regional differences in vocabulary (such as la barbilla vs. el mentón in the video above). Note, there are so many regional differences that we may miss some though you are welcome to let us know about how certain words are said in your country in the comments section of that video (it will help others).

I hope you find these Spanish videos useful.

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