Los Animales Vertebrados

Below is a new chart we have created about Vertebrates in Spanish.

Vertebrate animals can be divided into 5 categories:
Mamíferos – mammals
Peces – fish
Aves – birds
Anfibios – amphibians
Reptiles – reptiles

We have also included typical characteristics of each one including:
Cuerpo – body (covering)
Respiración – breathing
Extremidades – extremities
Desplazamiento – movement
Reproducción – reproduction
Hábitat – habitat

Los animales vertebrados, su clasificación y características.

For more information in Spanish about Vertebrates, see the following page: Animales Vertebrados

On that page we have also included a brief description of each type (e.g. Peces, Anfibios etc.) and examples of each one.

We also have a game to test your knowledge of the different types of Vertebrates in Spanish.

There is also our page (with a chart) about Invertebrates in Spanish (animales invertebrados)

You may find this useful for 1st grade or 2nd grade students.

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