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Día de la Tierra - Vocabulario y Recursos para profesores

Día de la Tierra – Earth Day

Earth Day (el Día de la Tierra) is celebrated every year on April 22 to create awareness about the Earth’s natural environment. On this day, events are held around the world to show support for environmental protection and making our planet a better place to live. We have created a new page with vocabulary commonly […]

Woodward Spanish on Instagram

Woodward Spanish on Instagram

This is to let you know that you can now find Woodward Spanish on Instagram. Yes, we will now add any new charts and images that we create onto Instagram for those that like spending time there. Eventually we will also add some of the charts we have already created too. So remember, follow us there: Woodward Spanish on Instagram Have […]

Planets in Spanish - Los planetas en español

Los Planetas – Planets in Spanish

The image above is from a new page we created to help people learn about the planets in Spanish. Spanish Vocabulary: El sistema solar y los planetas – Here we have included facts about each planet in our solar system (and the sun). Random fact: Did you know that Venus is the hottest planet in our solar […]

Los animales invertebrados - clasificación

Los Animales Invertebrados

About 4 months ago we created a page with a chart and game about the Vertebrate Animals in Spanish. Well, now we have a new page, chart and game about Invertebrate Animals (Los animales invertebrados) These are great for school kids in a Natural Sciences (Ciencias Naturales) class. So here is the page with the […]

Los animales vertebrados, su clasificación y características.

Los Animales Vertebrados

Below is a new chart we have created about Vertebrates in Spanish. Vertebrate animals can be divided into 5 categories: Mamíferos – mammals Peces – fish Aves – birds Anfibios – amphibians Reptiles – reptiles We have also included typical characteristics of each one including: Cuerpo – body (covering) Respiración – breathing Extremidades – extremities […]

Partes del cuerpo humano en español

Partes del Cuerpo – Vocabulario

More Spanish Vocabulary and Games If you would like a more detailed list of the parts of the body in Spanish, then check out our El Cuerpo Humano page (which is entirely in Spanish). There you will find an explanation about each part in Spanish as well as more vocabulary that doesn’t appear in the chart […]