Daily Routines in Spanish

Here is a another chart we have created, this time about Daily Routines in Spanish.

Rutinas Diarias - Daily Routines in Spanish

For Students:
You will find a lot more vocabulary about everyday routines and activities here in our Reading text about Daily Routines in Spanish (Entirely in Spanish).

You may also want to check out our Grammar notes about Reflexive Verbs in Spanish.

For Teachers:
We now have a version of this chart which can be used in your classroom. Learn more about it here: Daily Routines in Spanish Wall Chart / Flash Cards.
You will notice that the verbs have already been conjugated so that students can use the expressions immediately.
Ask the students to give a bit more detail if they can about what time they get up or start work. Also ask what do they normally have for breakfast or lunch etc.
As additional activities you can ask what the infinitive form of each one is. You can ask students to try and change the sentences into third person (for he) instead of first person (I).

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2 Responses to “Daily Routines in Spanish”

  1. Nora 18 April, 2013 at 8:39 am #

    Dear Woodward

    I want to express my opinion about your website, it is fantastically built and each page layout of sequences studies focuses to meet objectives of our language by building grammar knowledge which is very easy to follow and clear to engage outcomes in class. I am an experienced teacher from Latin America, working in Europe for long periods and I have reviewed your pages to see How it does work and how learners see it works.
    Really I would like to get information and to use in classroom instead of using other websites from expert from Asia country for example that are also very good. Please let me know your permission to use your web classroom in the near future. Or advise me more about it.

    • woodward 18 April, 2013 at 9:52 am #

      Hola Nora,
      Thank you for your comments.
      You are more than welcome to recommend our site (or specific pages) to your Spanish students. They may also find http://www.spanish.cl useful to as a reference guide.
      You can use our images for your classrooms as long as they are not altered in any way. (This means the website addresses must remain on the image)

      We are in fact creating a lot of material that Spanish teachers will be able to download and use in their classes.
      You can see a sneak preview here: Spanish Teacher Resources
      Some of the material we are creating include lessons plans, worksheets, handouts, flash cards and much more.
      We will post an article here to let everyone know when it is ready.
      Rob W.