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Spanish Present Tense Regular Verb Conjugation Chart

Spanish Present Tense

Here is our latest chart showing how to conjugate (= change the form of) regular Spanish verbs in the Present Tense: Notice how the ending of the verb changes for each subject. Read our explanation of how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the Present Tense (including some of the irregular verbs) Or, if you prefer, see our notes […]

Agreeing and Disagreeing in Spanish using También and Tampoco

Agreeing and disagreeing in Spanish

One of the easiest ways to agree with someone in Spanish is by using TAMBIÉN or TAMPOCO. También normally means TOO (and sometimes ALSO) whereas Tampoco means NEITHER or EITHER Tengo hambre. (I’m hungry) Yo también. (Me too) No tengo hambre. (I’m not hungry) Yo tampoco (Neither am I) If you want to quickly say […]

The Spanish Verb GUSTAR and how to say that you like something in Spanish

How to say LIKE in Spanish – Gustar

Saying that you LIKE something in Spanish can sometimes be difficult for an English speaker because the rules for conjugating (changing) the verb, in this case GUSTAR, are different from your normal rules. That is why we have just created a new page all about the verb GUSTAR in Spanish. (How to say you like […]

A chart with cartoons explaining question words in Spanish

Question Words in Spanish Chart

We have just created another one of our cartoon charts, this time about Question Words in Spanish (called Interrogativos). The words we have included are: Quién, Quiénes Dónde, Cuándo, Por qué, Qué, Cuál, Cuáles Cómo, Cuánto, Cuánta, Cuántos and Cuántas Remember, you need to use an inverted Question mark ¿ at the beginning of a […]

Destapá Felicidad - Spanish in Argentina

Detapá felicidad – Spanish in Argentina

Detapá felicidad – Spanish in Argentina This is a Billboard we recently saw in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ignore the fact that it is for a “slightly” well-known brand of some liquid. What we are interested in is the text within the advertisement. It says Detapá felicidad Ya tenés todo listo. Refrescate. Destapar: (Infinitive) to take […]