Calendario de Adviento – Spanish Advent Calendar


Advent Calendar in Spanish for teachers.

Calendario de Adviento en español para profesores.


An advent calendar with an activity to do every day (written in Spanish)

There are two main sheets. One with numbers representing each day and one with instructions written in Spanish about an activity that student must do for that day. Each activity may be drawing something or written a simple sentence making it ideal for younger students.

There are different options for using this advent calendar.

You can hand out the numbers sheet to each student and then give them one of the activity squares each day (that have been cut up). Students paste this square on top of the number and then complete the activity it asks them to do. This activity is much easier to do as a class.

As an alternative, you can have the students cut out the three sides of each number on the Dotted line border numbers sheet. This is then pasted on top of the activities sheet. Students then open each window according to the day they are at (like a real advent calendar). Note cutting the three sides of each square may be difficult for younger children.

Another alternative is to have one numbers sheet on the classroom wall and each day get a student to paste the activity the students must do. That student can read the instructions out to class.

There is a blank version of the activity sheet should the teacher want to write their own activities for each day (ones that may be more appropriate for their students).

This calendar and its instructions are completely in Spanish (without any English).

CONTENT: This pack contains 7 Pages:

  • Instructions for Teachers – (1 page)
  • Numbers sheet (Solid border) – (1 page)
  • Numbers sheet (Dotted line border) – (1 page)
  • Daily Activity sheet – (1 page)
  • BLANK Daily Activity sheet – (1 page)
  • List of Daily Activities for Teachers – (1 page)
  • BLANK List of Daily Activities for Teachers – (1 page)

LEVEL: Lower Intermediate (CEFR – A2+ Level)

AGE: From 7-10 years
Format: .PDF


Un calendario de adviento en español.

Cada día habrá una pequeña actividad para realizar. Son dos hojas; una con los números (días) del calendario y otra con las actividades que deberán realizar diariamente.

CONTENIDO: Este recurso contiene 7 Páginas:

  • Instrucciones para profesores – (1 página)
  • Los Números (borde sólido) – (1 página)
  • Los Números (borde con línea punteada) – (1 página)
  • Las Actividades Diarias – (1 página)
  • Las Actividades Diarias EN BLANCO – (1 página)
  • Lista de Actividades Diarias para profesores – (1 página)
  • Lista de Actividades Diarias para profesores EN BLANCO – (1 página)

NIVEL: Intermedio bajo (CEFR – A2+ Level)

EDAD: De los 7 a 10 años
Formato: .PDF


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