Christmas – Reading Comprehension Worksheets in Spanish


21 original Reading Comprehension worksheets about Christmas in Spanish.
21 páginas con textos acerca de la Navidad y preguntas de comprensión.


21 original Reading Comprehension worksheets about Christmas in Spanish.

All texts are short with between 2 and 4 sentences written in the Simple Present Tense. The rest of the page is filled with questions to check understanding and other related activities.

These worksheets should only take 10-20 minutes each so are a great item to warm up a class or to use as Morning work. You could do a worksheet each day before Christmas or do them in a couple of weeks with some left as homework.

These handouts would be great in an emergency as a quick filler, especially for subs. You may also find them useful to hand out to fast finishers (so they don’t disrupt others).

The worksheets are ideal for bilingual / dual language classrooms since they are completely in Spanish, including the instructions. Students are likely to encounter new vocabulary on each page so it would be good to explain (or draw) it before giving out the handouts.

Bonus Listening Activity

We have now included sheets with groups of 5 stories on one page (without exercises). This is can be used where the teacher gives the comprehension questions orally, or can be used in conjunction with the audio on our YouTube channel so they can read as they listen (without the distraction of other activities on the page).

There are similar pages (5 stories per page) but this time with certain words missing and replaced by a blank line where students can fill with the word they hear on the listening.

Note: The audio of the listening only appears on our YouTube channel. The recording is spoken by a native Spanish speaker. 

CONTENT: This resource contains 60 Pages:

  • Teacher Guide – (4 pages)
  • El árbol de Navidad de mi casa – (1 page)
    The Christmas Tree of my house
  • El establo de Belén – (1 page)
    The Bethlehem stable
  • Los regalos de Navidad – (1 page)
    The Christmas presents
  • Las esferas del árbol de Navidad – (1 page)
    The Christmas Tree Ornaments
  • El reno de Papá Noel – (1 page)
    Santa Claus’s reindeer
  • La cena de Navidad en Argentina – (1 page)
    Christmas dinner in Argentina
  • El deseo de Gabriel – (1 page)
    Gabriel’s wish
  • El primer regalo de Navidad – (1 page)
    The first Christmas present
  • La Navidad de Mi-young en Perú – (1 page)
    Mi-young’s Christmas in Peru
  • Los Villancicos – (1 page)
    The Christmas Carols
  • Navidad con mi clase – (1 page)
    Christmas with my class
  • La carta a Papá Noel – (1 page)
    The letter to Santa Claus
  • Los deseos de Nochebuena – (1 page)
    The Christmas Eve wishes
  • Las tradiciones navideñas de Colombia – (1 page)
    Christmas Traditions of Colombia
  • Los Tres Reyes Magos – (1 page)
    The Three Kings
  • Mi tía celebra la Navidad en Brasil – (1 page)
    My Aunt celebrates Christmas in Brazil
  • El verdadero sentido de la Navidad – (1 page)
    The true meaning of Christmas
  • La Navidad con nieve – (1 page)
    Christmas with snow
  • Mi calendario de adviento – (1 page)
    My advent calendar
  • El Duende Guille – (1 page)
    Guille the Elf
  • La Navidad en Chile – (1 page)
    Christmas in Chile
  • 5 stories per page (no questions) – (4 pages)
  • 5 stories per page – Fill the blanks version – (4 pages)
  • La Navidad en Chile – no questions & fill the blanks version – (1 page)
  • Teacher Answers – (26 pages)

Spanish Listening

Here is the audio that accompanies these short stories. It will also give you an idea of the content and level of these short reading passages.

LEVEL: Elementary (CEFR – A1+/A2- Level) – Spanish 1 – Not for an absolute beginner due to vocabulary (Good Spanish 2 review)
Format: .PDF


21 mini lecturas con textos acerca de la Navidad y preguntas de comprensión.

CONTENIDO: Este recurso contiene 60 Páginas:

  • Guía de Profesor – (4 páginas)
  • Lecturas con preguntas de comprensión – (30 páginas)
  • Respuestas para los profesores – (26 páginas)

NIVEL: Elemental (CEFR – A1+/A2- Level)
Formato: .PDF

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