Halloween Logic Puzzle in Spanish


A Logic Puzzle in Spanish about a Haunted House.

La Casa Embrujada – Actividad de lógica en español


A Logic Puzzle about Halloween in Spanish.

There is a haunted house with 8 different rooms. Using the clues in Spanish students need to discover which Halloween monster or creature is in each room. Prepositions of place are used to say where each monster is in relation to the others.

This quiz is completely in Spanish without any English on the worksheet. There is an answer sheet where students can check their own work.

CONTENT: This pack contains 2 Pages:

  • The Haunted House – Student Version – (1 page)
  • The Haunted House – Teacher Answers – (1 page)

LEVEL: Lower Intermediate (CEFR – A2+ Level)
AGE: From 8 years and up
Format: .PDF

This resource also appears as part of a Spanish Halloween Activities Bundle with more worksheets and activities bundled together at a discounted price.


Hay un monstruo o creatura en cada parte de la casa embrujada. Usa las pistas para descubrir dónde está cada uno.

CONTENIDO: Este pack contiene 2 Páginas:

  • La Casa Embrujada – Versión de Alumno – (1 página)
  • La Casa Embrujada – Respuestas para los profesores – (1 página)

NIVEL: Intermedio bajo (CEFR – A2+ Level)
EDAD: Desde los 8 años
Formato: .PDF

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