Spanish Halloween Worksheets and Activities Pack


Worksheets in Spanish about Halloween
Actividades en español – La Noche de Brujas


Worksheets in Spanish about Halloween

These worksheets and activities are completely in Spanish without any English on them. They all include answer sheets so students can check their own work.

These activities are ideal as fillers before the bell or with substitute teachers.

For more information about each individual resource, click on its name.

CONTENT: This resource contains 20 Pages:

Each resource can be purchased separately though it works out more convenient purchasing this complete bundle of activities.

LEVEL: Lower Intermediate (CEFR – A2+ Level)
AGE: From 8 years and up
Format: .PDF


Ejercicios y Actividades de la Noche de Brujas

CONTENIDO: Este pack contiene 20 Páginas:

  • Crucigrama – Student Version – (2 páginas)
  • Sopa de Letras – Student Version – (3 páginas)
  • Ortografía Correcta – Student Version – (2 páginas)
  • Verdadero o Falso – Student Version – (2 páginas)
  • Palabras Revueltas – Student Version – (2 páginas)
  • La Casa Embrujada – Lógica – Student Version – (2 páginas)
  • Las Brujas – (3 páginas)
  • Descripciones de Monstruos – (4 páginas)

Se puede comprar cada actividad por separado.

NIVEL: Intermedio bajo (CEFR – A2+ Level)
EDAD: Desde los 8 años
Formato: .PDF


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