Spanish Articles Worksheets – Definite and Indefinite


Artículos Definidos e Indefinidos
– El, La, Los, Las – Un, Una, Unos, Unas –
Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish.

Includes printable worksheets, wall chart/poster (A4), vocabulary list and teacher answers.
Level: Spanish 1 – Basic


Definite and Indefinite Articles in Spanish – Worksheets

– El, La, Los, Las – Un, Una, Unos, Unas –

Includes 10 pages of exercises, a wall chart/poster (A4), Vocabulary Lists and Teacher Answers.
These activities are ideal for a Spanish 1 level class.

The Printable PDF Version of this resource includes:

Summary Chart A4 in Color – (1 page)
A chart with a summary of definite and indefinite articles in Spanish. Can be used as a wall chart or as a full page handout.

Summary Chart A4 in Color – 3 per page – (1 page)
There are three smaller copies of the previous Spanish articles chart on one page with lines for cutting. This is to help save on paper.

Vocabulary List – Nouns – (1 page)
A list of 30 Masculine Nouns and 30 Feminine Nouns in Spanish with their corresponding translation in English. These nouns appear in the worksheets.

Vocabulary List – Adjectives – (1 page)
A list of 20 Spanish adjectives in their masculine and feminine forms with their corresponding translation in English. Also there is a section with 6 colors in Spanish. These adjectives appear in the worksheets.

1. Worksheet – (1 page)
Complete a table (similar to our summary chart) and identify the articles from a group of words.

2. Worksheet – Fill the gap – (1 page)
Complete with the correct definite and indefinite articles. The same noun is repeated four times in order to practice the definite/indefinite version and the singular/plural form.

3. Worksheet – Give Examples – (1 page)
Give examples of each type of article.

4. Worksheet – Identify article – (1 page)
Identify the type of article (definite or indefinite), its gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular or plural)

5. Worksheet – Correct Article – (1 page)
Complete with the correct articles – 20 definite and 20 indefinite articles

6. Worksheet – Article + Noun translation – (1 page)
Translate 20 words from English to Spanish and 20 words from Spanish to English

7. Worksheet – Correct Article – (1 page)
Complete with the correct articles. The first section is for LA or EL with 14 singular nouns. The second section is for LAS or LOS with 14 plural nouns.

8. Worksheet – Articles in Sentences – (1 page)
There are 15 sentences in the simple present tense. Complete each sentence with the correct article. This worksheet can be used later as a review or as a filler once students have learned the simple present tense.

9. Worksheet – Animals and DEL vs. AL – (1 page)
The first section contains 6 sentences about animals. Students need to complete them with the correct article. Note, one of the animals is irregular (EL gorila). The second section has 10 sentences in the simple present tense. Students need to complete each sentence with the contraction (DEL or AL). This worksheet can be used later as a review or as a filler once students have learned the difference between DEL and AL in Spanish. This worksheet is not appropriate for new Spanish 1 level students.

10. Worksheet – Examples with given articles and nouns – (1 page)
The first section is a simple review where students need to circle the correct article for four nouns. The second section as a box with the articles and another box beside it with 8 nouns. Students need to create 8 simple sentences using one from each box.

Teacher Answers – (10 pages)
There is an answer key for each worksheet. This is useful should you want students to be able to check their own answers.

These Spanish worksheets can be completed in any order.

IMPORTANT: All of the instructions and content are completely in Spanish except for the Spanish/English Vocabulary Lists and the worksheet with translation exercises.

We also have a Digital version of this resource …

With EASEL, you can assign these interactive digital activities to your students which can be completed on any device. EASEL is ideal for use in distance learning settings and also in the physical classroom.

This printable PDF version and the Digital EASEL version are both available immediately upon purchase. Pen and paper or digital … you choose which version fits best in your classroom’s learning model.

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⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Very great way to teach students about articles. Very well organized, very visual. It helped my students immensely! Gracias – Ashley L.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Excellent resource! Very engaging! It goes above-and-beyond articles — focusing on nouns and adjectives also. This resource offers a WIDE variety of activities, assessments, etc. – Patrick D.
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Los Artículos Definidos e Indefinidos
– El, La, Los, Las – Un, Una, Unos, Unas –

Incluye 10 Páginas de ejercicios, un afiche (A4), listas de vocabulario (español/inglés) y las repuestas de profesor.

CONTENIDO: Este pack contiene 24 Páginas:

  • Afiche tamaño A4 a color – (1 página)
    Los artículos definidos e indefinidos
  • Afiche – 3 por página – (1 página)
    Los artículos definidos e indefinidos – tres en una página
  • Lista de Vocabulario – Sustantivos – (1 página)
    Esta lista de vocabulario contiene 30 sustantivos masculinos, 30 sustantivos femeninos. Este vocabulario está en español con su traducción en inglés.
  • Lista de Vocabulario – Adjetivos – (1 página)
    20 adjetivos y 6 colores. Este vocabulario está en español con su traducción en inglés.
  • Worksheet – (1 página)
    Completar la tabla e identificar los artículos
  • Worksheet – Completar –  (1 página)
    Completar con el artículo definido o indefinido correspondiente
  • Worksheet – Dar Ejemplos – (1 página)
    Dar ejemplos de cada artículo
  • Worksheet – Identicar – (1 página)
    Identificar el tipo de artículo, su género y número (singular o plural)
  • Worksheet – Artículo Correcto – (1 página)
    Completar con los artículos correctos – 20 artículos definidos y 20 artículos indefinidos
  • Worksheet – Traducción: Artículo + Sustantivo – (1 página)
    Traducir 20 palabras de inglés a español y Traducir 20 palabras de español a inglés
  • Worksheet – LA o EL – LAS o LOS – (1 página)
    Completar con el artículo femenino o masculino correspondiente
  • Worksheet – Frases – (1 página)
    Completar frases con un artículo.
  • Worksheet – DEL o AL – (1 página)
    Completar frases con la contracción DEL o AL.
  • Worksheet – Crear frases – (1 página)
    Dar ejemplos de frases usando un artículo con cada sustantivo.
  • Respuestas para los profesores – (10 páginas)

NIVEL: Básico (CEFR – A1 Level)
EDAD: Para niños en 1º o 2º Básico (en países de habla hispana). También sirve para adolescentes y adultos aprendiendo español como lengua extranjera en un nivel básico.

IMPORTANTE: El texto, las actividades y sus instrucciones están en español.

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