Spanish Imperative Recipe Worksheets – La Receta


A recipe in Spanish with worksheets to practice the Imperative.
Una receta de Pastel de Choclo en español para practicar el imperativo.


A recipe in Spanish with worksheets to practice the Imperative (el imperativo).

The recipe is for Pastel de Choclo, a traditional dish from Chile.

To begin with, there is a summary chart explaining how to conjugate regular verbs in the imperative, both the positive and negative forms (e.g. come, no comas). There are two sizes of this imperative chart, one a full A4 page, the other two smaller version on the same page.

Next is a page with the ingredients for Pastel de Choclo which includes a photo of this Chilean dish as it comes out of an oven. The next page has the instructions for making the recipe where there are blanks instead of the verbs. Students need to change the given infinitive verb into its imperative form (for Usted) to complete the blank spaces of the recipe. The verbs in this section include: agregar, añadir, calentar, cocer, cocinar, colocar, dejar, derretir, dorar, echar, engrasar, espolvorear, incorporar, llevar, moler, poner, rallar, retirar, sazonar.

There is another simple recipe for Ensalada a la chilena (Chilean salad). There are only six instructions (it’s a simple dish) and again the infinitive verb needs to be changed to the imperative, but this time to its form. Below this simple recipe are six cooking verbs in their infinitive form. Students need to create their own (invented) recipe using these six verbs. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to taste good, it is just to use the verbs in context.

We then have a reading passage called “Pon en tu verano alimentos frescos y sanos”. There are many uses of the imperative in the text which students need to find. On a separate worksheet there are simple comprehension questions to check understanding of the reading passage.

The next page is designed for students to write their own favorite recipe with sections for ingredientes (ingredients), relleno – opcional (Filling – optional), and preparación (preparation).

The final four worksheets are simple conjugation lists, each page with 15 verbs associated with cooking that need to be conjugated into three forms of the imperative… Tú, Tú (negación), y Usted. There are 60 verbs in total to be conjugated.

The recipes, reading passages, all questions and instructions are 100% in Spanish making it ideal for language immersion classrooms. Answers sheets have been included.

This resource is more appropriate for Spanish 3 level students or as a revision for Spanish 4. There will be a lot of new vocabulary for students in this resource.

CONTENT: This resource contains 20 Pages:

  • Large Imperative summary chart – (1 page)
  • Imperative summary charts (2 per page) – (1 page)
  • Pastel de Choclo ingredients – (1 page)
  • Pastel de Choclo recipe instructions worksheet – (1 page)
  • Ensalada a la chilena worksheet – (1 page)
  • Reading passage – Pon en tu verano… – (1 page)
  • Reading passage – Comprehension Questions – (1 page)
  • Your favorite recipe – (1 page)
  • Cooking Verbs Conjugation worksheets – (4 pages)
  • Teacher Answers – (8 pages)

LEVEL: Upper Intermediate (CEFR – B2 Level) – Spanish 3
AGE: From 13 years and up
Format: .PDF

Una receta de Pastel de Choclo en español para practicar el imperativo.

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