Sports – Spanish Reading Passages and Comprehension Worksheets


20 original Spanish Reading Passages about Sports with Comprehension Questions.
20 textos cortos acerca de los deportes con preguntas de comprensión.


20 original Spanish Reading Passages about Sports with Comprehension Questions.

All Spanish texts are short with between 4 and 8 sentences written in the Present Simple Tense. The rest of the page has simple comprehension questions to check understanding.

The twenty sports (one for each reading passage) are: athletics, horse riding, golf, rowing, water skiing, baseball, tennis, taekwondo, rugby, rhythmic gymnastics, archery, sailing, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, football/soccer, fencing, volleyball, cycling and inline skating.

These worksheets should only take 10-20 minutes each so are a great item to warm up a class or to end the day. You could do a worksheet every school day over a month or leave them as homework.

These reading passages would be great in an emergency as a quick filler. You may also find them useful to hand out to fast finishers (so they don’t disrupt others).

The worksheets are ideal for bilingual / dual language classrooms since they are 100% in Spanish, including the instructions. Students are likely to encounter a lot of new vocabulary on each page so it would be good to explain (or draw) it before giving out the handouts.

We have also included versions with three or four of the stories on a single page without any activities. There is also the same versions but with blanks instead of some of the words in each story. These can be used as a “fill the blank” activity while the teacher reads the story out or in small groups where one of the students reads each story out (they can take turns).

CONTENT: This pack contains 74 Pages:

  • Spanish Teacher Guide – (4 pages)
  • Los pequeños atletas – (1 page)
    Sport – Athletics
  • La equitación y mi Flaki – (1 page)
    Sport – Horse Riding
  • Bastián un golfista particular – (1 page)
    Sport – Golf
  • Las campeonas de remo – (1 page)
    Sport – Rowing
  • Alejandra y su demostración de esquí acuático – (1 page)
    Sport – Water skiing
  • El béisbol de Los Velociraptors – (1 page)
    Sport – Baseball
  • Mi hermano el tenista – (1 page)
    Sport – Tennis
  • Los hermanos y el taekwondo – (1 page)
    Sport – Taekwondo
  • El rugby y el Haka – (1 page)
    Sport – Rugby
  • La gimnasia rítmica – un deporte multidisciplinario – (1 page)
    Sport – Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • El entrenamiento en el tiro con arco – (1 page)
    Sport – Archery
  • Antonio y su primera regata – (1 page)
    Sport – Sailing
  • Básquetbol o baloncesto – (1 page)
    Sport – Basketball
  • El sueño de la gimnasta – (1 page)
    Sport – Gymnastics
  • A Cristina le gusta nadar – (2 pages)
    Sport – Swimming
  • José es futbolista – (2 pages)
    Sport – Football / Soccer
  • Mi amiga esgrimista – (2 pages)
    Sport – Fencing
  • El gran equipo de voleibol – (2 pages)
    Sport – Volleyball
  • El ciclismo es mi deporte favorito – (2 pages)
    Sport – Cycling
  • El patinaje de velocidad en línea – (2 pages)
    Sport – Inline speed skating
  • Stories without Activities – 3 or 4 per page – (6 pages)
  • Fill the blanks – Stories without Activities – 3 or 4 per page – (6 pages)
  • Teacher Answers – (32 pages)

LEVEL: Elementary (CEFR – A1+/A2- Level) – Spanish 1 – Not for an absolute beginner due to vocabulary (Good Spanish 2 review)

Format: .PDF


20 historias acerca de los deportes con preguntas de comprensión.

Los deportes son: atletismo, equitación, golf, remo, esquí acuático, béisbol, tenis, taekwondo, rugby, gimnasia rítmica, tiro con arco, deporte de vela, básquetbol/baloncesto, gimnasia, natación, fútbol, esgrima, voleibol, ciclismo y patinaje de velocidad en línea.

CONTENIDO: Este pack contiene 74 Páginas:

  • Lecturas con preguntas de comprensión – (42 páginas)
  • Respuestas para los profesores – (32 páginas)

NIVEL: Elemental (CEFR – A1+/A2- Level)

Formato: .PDF

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