Sustantivo + SER + Adjetivo – Spanish Worksheets


Noun + SER + Adjective – Spanish Worksheets

Sustantivo + SER + Adjetivo – Ejercicios


Worksheets to help students learn to make simple sentences in Spanish using Nouns with the verb SER followed by Adjectives (Noun + SER + Adjective). Most of the vocabulary used is based upon parts of the house and its contents.

Handout 1: A vocabulary list of Spanish nouns (mostly associated with the house) and common Spanish Adjectives (in Masculine and Feminine form where appropriate). – Note: It does not contain an English translation next to as it is intended for ELE classes (more than just English speakers).

Worksheet 1: Sentences in Spanish where students need to complete the blank with correct form of the verb SER (either es or son).

Worksheet 2: Sentences in Spanish where students need to complete the blank with correct form of the verb SER (either es or son) as well as an appropriate adjective (either from the separate vocabulary list or from their own knowledge).

Worksheet 3: Students need to write sentences using the noun and adjective given. The students must remember to include the correct form of SER as well as the corresponding article for the noun.

Worksheet 4: Students need to each sentence in its correct order. There are only 4 words per sentence (an article, a noun, es or son, an adjective).

Worksheet 5: There is a list of different items or parts of a house. Students need to describe each noun using two adjectives.

Worksheet 6: There are box containing adjectives in different forms. Students need to create 10 full sentences using any of the adjectives from the box. They need to be careful to make the adjective coincides in gender and number with the noun.

These worksheets can be completed in any order.

We have included answers for the teachers.

IMPORTANT: All information on the worksheets, including the instructions, are 100% in Spanish making them ideal for Dual language immersion classes.

CONTENT: This resource contains 13 Pages:

  • Spanish vocabulary handout – (1 page)
  • Es or Son worksheet  – (1 page)
  • Ser + Adjective worksheet – (1 page)
  • Make sentences with the noun and adjective – (1 page)
  • Sentence word order –  (1 page)
  • Describe your house – (1 page)
  • Use the adjectives – (1 page)
  • Answers for Teachers – (6 pages)

LEVEL: Beginner (CEFR – A1 Level) – Spanish 1
AGE: 9+
Format: .PDF


Actividades para aprender cómo hacer oraciones simples (Sustantivo + Ser + Adjetivo). El vocabulario está relacionado con la casa.

CONTENIDO: Este recurso contiene 13 Páginas:

  • Vocabulario en español – (1 página)
  • Es o Son – ejercicios  – (1 página)
  • Ser + Adjetivo – ejercicios – (1 página)
  • Arma una oración con el sustantivo y adjetivo – (1 página)
  • Ordenar las oraciones –  (1 página)
  • Describe tu casa – (1 página)
  • Inventa oraciones con los adjetivos – (1 página)
  • Respuestas para los profesores  (6 páginas)

NIVEL: Básico (CEFR – A1 Level)
EDAD: Desde los 9 años
Formato: .PDF

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