Sports in Spanish - Los deportes en español

This is the new cartoon chart we have created. Of course it only contains a small number of sports though it is a good start.

We have some vocabulary notes that are completely in Spanish: Los deportes
And another page where the Spanish vocabulary is explained in English: Sports in Spanish

Once you have studied this vocabulary then try our two games:
Juego – Los deportes (completely in Spanish)
Game – Sports in Spanish (questions mostly in English with the answers in Spanish)

Spanish Teacher Resource

We have a pack containing 20 original Spanish Reading Passages about Sports with Comprehension Questions. All texts are short with between 4 and 8 sentences written in the Simple Present Tense making it idea for an upper Spanish 1 class.

There is a passage about each of the following sports: atletismo, equitación, golf, remo, esquí acuático, béisbol, tenis, taekwondo, rugby, gimnasia rítmica, tiro con arco, deporte de vela, básquetbol/baloncesto, gimnasia, natación, fútbol, esgrima, voleibol, ciclismo y patinaje de velocidad en línea.

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