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Spanish Listening Practice - Native Spanish speakers

Spanish Listening Practice & Activities

New Spanish Listening Videos We have just started recording the audio for listening activities that will accompany some of our Woodward Spanish resources. These recordings will be published on our Woodward Spanish YouTube channel so that they are accessible to both teachers and students. All Spanish teachers, parents and students are welcome to use these […]

Palabras agudas, graves, esdrújulas y sobresdrújulas

Where to put the accent in Spanish words

Ever wondered where to put the accent or emphasis on a word in Spanish? Well in Spanish there are 4 types of accents. These are the Palabras agudas, Palabras graves (or sometimes called palabras llanas), Palabras esdrújulas and Palabras sobresdrújulas. Learning these 4 types of words will help you know when to put the accent […]

Do you put tildes on capital letters in Spanish

Tildes on Capital Letters in Spanish

Tildes on Capital Letters in Spanish A number of people have told me that in Spanish you don’t put the tilde (accent mark) above a letter that is written as a capital letter. THIS IS INCORRECT. According to the Real Academia Española (RAE), you MUST put the tilde above capital letters. I investigated a little […]