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Spanish Listening Practice - Native Spanish speakers

Spanish Listening Practice & Activities

New Spanish Listening Videos We have just started recording the audio for listening activities that will accompany some of our Woodward Spanish resources. These recordings will be published on our Woodward Spanish YouTube channel so that they are accessible to both teachers and students. All Spanish teachers, parents and students are welcome to use these […]

List of 21 Spanish-speaking countries and their capitals

Spanish-speaking countries

How many Spanish-speaking countries are there in the world? Well, there are 21 countries that have Spanish as an official language. These countries in alphabetical order are: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela. Of course […]

How to say CAR in Spanish. Do you use Coche, Carro or Auto?

How to say CAR in Spanish – Coche, Carro or Auto?

How to say CAR in Spanish There are three main ways of saying car in Spanish and it depends on where you live. The following guide is a general idea of how car is said in some of the Spanish-speaking countries: Argentina – auto Bolivia – auto Chile – auto Colombia – carro Mexico – […]

Clasificación de los Sustantivos en Castellano

Clasificación de los Sustantivos

The following chart is aimed towards children that are native Spanish speakers who need to learn the classification of nouns at school. In Chile this classification of nouns in Spanish is taught in primero básico and segundo básico (1st and 2nd grade). Spanish Nouns can generally be classified in one of more of the following […]

A list of Empanadas and their different names and flavors in Spanish.

Sabores de Empanadas

This photo was taken in Concon, a coastal town in Chile which is known for having great empanadas. The numbers inside each empanada is the price of them in Chilean Pesos. If you would like to learn more about other Food from Chile, check out Typical Chilean Food. Before you look below, try and find […]

A sign in Spanish saying Celebre con responsibilidad

Celebre con responsabilidad

Vocabulary – Vocabulario Celebrar (verb) = To celebrate Con (preposition) = with Responsabilidad (noun – fem) = Responsibility   Imperativo – Imperative Notice how the verb “celebre” ends in an E even though celebrar is an –AR verb. That is because the verb is in the imperativo (imperative) form. Remember that this conjugation is often […]

La caja y el mostrador de una carnicería en Chile

Hay que pagar en la caja

LA CAJA En Chile, la caja no solo significa que es un recipiente de diferentes tamaños que sirve para guardar cosas, sino que también, es el nombre que se da al lugar en el que pagas algo que compras o pagas tu cuenta directamente. Quizás el nombre que se atribuye a la caja viene del […]

Spanish Joke of the Week

Un Frasco de Frecuencia – Chiste

Una campesina entra a la farmacia del pueblo y pide al farmacéutico un frasco de ‘Frecuencia’.  El farmacéutico la mira y le dice: – Oiga, señorita, en mis 30 años de experiencia en este negocio, nunca he oído de ese producto. ¿Es algún perfume nuevo de la casa Cartier, de Dior o tal vez de […]

Playa no apta para el baño Sign in Spanish

Playa no apta para el baño

Playa no apta para el baño This sign was found at one of the beaches in Viña del Mar, Chile.   VOCABULARIO – VOCABULARY La playa = the beach Apta = Apt, suitable El baño = bathing, toilet Normally el baño means the toilet, but in this context it refers to bathing as in swimming […]