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Día de la Tierra - Vocabulario y Recursos para profesores

Día de la Tierra – Earth Day

Earth Day (el Día de la Tierra) is celebrated every year on April 22 to create awareness about the Earth’s natural environment. On this day, events are held around the world to show support for environmental protection and making our planet a better place to live. We have created a new page with vocabulary commonly […]

Spanish Present Tense Regular Verb Conjugation Chart

Spanish Present Tense

Here is our latest chart showing how to conjugate (= change the form of) regular Spanish verbs in the Present Tense: Notice how the ending of the verb changes for each subject. Read our explanation of how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the Present Tense (including some of the irregular verbs) Or, if you prefer, see our notes […]

Planets in Spanish - Los planetas en español

Los Planetas – Planets in Spanish

The image above is from a new page we created to help people learn about the planets in Spanish. Spanish Vocabulary: El sistema solar y los planetas – Here we have included facts about each planet in our solar system (and the sun). Random fact: Did you know that Venus is the hottest planet in our solar […]

Members of the Family in Spanish

Family Members in Spanish – La Familia

Most students know the Padre is Father in Spanish and Madre is Mother. But how do you say great grandfather in Spanish? Or how about Mother-in-law in Spanish, and no, it’s not bruja …. yet you may hear this occasionally, though just not in front of her. 🙂 We have just created some pages with […]

Saint Patrick's Day in Spanish - El Día de San Patricio

St. Patrick’s Day in Spanish

Today, the 17th of March, is Saint Patrick’s Day and how do you say Saint Patrick’s Day in Spanish? – El Día de San Patricio In honor of this Irish celebration we have created a new Spanish vocabulary page about St. Patrick’s Day. Once you have read through the explanation in Spanish about what this […]

Valentine's Day in Spanish - Día de San Valentín - Día de los Enamorados

Valentine’s Day in Spanish

February 14th, the “official” day of love, romance and friendship, is known as Valentine’s Day in English. But, do you know how to say Valentine’s Day in Spanish? Well, interestingly there is more than one name for this special day. You will hear this day called either Día de San Valentín, Día de los Enamorados […]

Palabras agudas, graves, esdrújulas y sobresdrújulas

Where to put the accent in Spanish words

Ever wondered where to put the accent or emphasis on a word in Spanish? Well in Spanish there are 4 types of accents. These are the Palabras agudas, Palabras graves (or sometimes called palabras llanas), Palabras esdrújulas and Palabras sobresdrújulas. Learning these 4 types of words will help you know when to put the accent […]

Partes del cuerpo humano en español

Partes del Cuerpo – Vocabulario

More Spanish Vocabulary and Games If you would like a more detailed list of the parts of the body in Spanish, then check out our El Cuerpo Humano page (which is entirely in Spanish). There you will find an explanation about each part in Spanish as well as more vocabulary that doesn’t appear in the chart […]

Spanish Games - Juegos en Español

New Spanish Games: Hotels, Sport and Transport

Yes, we have been getting back into creating new material again to help you learn Spanish. This time we have 4 new games and a new vocabulary topic. Juegos Nuevos – New Games Los Hoteles – Hotels La Sala de Estar – The Living Room Los Deportes – Sport Los Medios de Transporte – Transport […]