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La diferencia entre Botar y Votar - The difference between Botar and Votar

Botar vs Votar

A common mistake I see in written Spanish are with the verbs BOTAR and VOTAR and how sometimes a person writes Botar instead of Votar and vice versa. This is common among native speakers. Why is this? According to the Real Academia Española, the letters B and V are pronounced exactly the same in all […]

Vocabulario de Internet en español

¿El Internet or La Internet?

  According to the RAE (Real Academia Española)… Internet is a feminine noun HOWEVER it normally appears without the article LA. Also the first letter of the word is a capital letter. No tengo acceso a Internet (- No “a la” internet) Uso Internet para estudiar otros idiomas. ¿Cómo será la Internet del futuro?   […]

The difference between Ves y Vez

Diferencia entre Ves y Vez

  A common mistake for native speakers of Spanish is when to use Ves instead of Vez in a written sentence. We just created a new page about the difference between Ves and Vez if you would like to know why and how to avoid making the same mistake. There is also a game to […]

Spanish Idioms and Slang

Secreto a voces

Secreto a voces Meaning in English This Spanish expression refers to a situation that everyone knows about, but nobody has made public or speaks about openly. Think of this situation… Everyone in the office knows that the boss is having an affaire with the accountant but nobody openly talks about it. This is “un secreto […]