Below is a new chart we have created about Vertebrates in Spanish.

Vertebrate animals can be divided into 5 categories:
Mamíferos – mammals
Peces – fish
Aves – birds
Anfibios – amphibians
Reptiles – reptiles

We have also included typical characteristics of each one including:
Cuerpo – body (covering)
Respiración – breathing
Extremidades – extremities
Desplazamiento – movement
Reproducción – reproduction
Hábitat – habitat

Los animales vertebrados, su clasificación y características.

For more information in Spanish about Vertebrates, see the following page: Animales Vertebrados

On that page we have also included a brief description of each type (e.g. Peces, Anfibios etc.) and examples of each one.

We also have a game to test your knowledge of the different types of Vertebrates in Spanish.

There is also our page (with a chart) about Invertebrates in Spanish (animales invertebrados)

You may find this useful for 1st grade, 2nd grade or 3rd grade students.

Teacher / Parent Resources

We have created the following resources for Spanish teachers and parents. The first is an updated version of our vertebrates chart above but it also includes individual charts for each classification (with examples of animals of each).

Summary charts about Vertebrates in Spanish. Afiches con las características de los animales vertebrados en español.

The second resource includes 10 different worksheets to practice vertebrates in Spanish. Click on the image below to learn more about what each worksheet contains.Actividades con los animales vertebrados en español. Vertebrates in Spanish Worksheets.

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