Spanish Fruit and Vegetables – Task Cards


Task cards to help learn the names of fruit and vegetables in Spanish.
Tarjetas de selección múltiple para aprender acerca de las frutas y verduras español.


Spanish Task Cards – Frutas y Verduras

32 multiple-choice task cards to learn the names of fruit and vegetables in SPANISH.

A photo of a fruit or vegetable appears on each task card and students have to choose the correct name for it from the four alternatives given. They then must write their answer on their answer sheet (or give its name orally if you prefer in one-on-one classes).

Note that we have included a variety of regional differences in the names of some of the fruit and vegetables.
For example, aguacate OR palta may appear as an answer. Guisante OR arveja may appear as an answer.

This is so students get used to the different names of the same fruit as used in different countries. If you are not sure about these regional differences and who says what, then see our vocabulary notes: Frutas y Verduras

There is an answer key as well where students can check their own answers making it ideal for centers or as time fillers.

CONTENT: This resource contains 10 Pages:

  • Frutas y Verduras – Spanish Task Cards – (8 pages)
  • Student Answer Sheet – (1 page)
  • Answers for Teachers – (1 page)

LEVEL: Elementary (CEFR – A2 Level – Spanish 2)
AGE: 6+
Format: .PDF


Tarjetas de selección múltiple (u opción múltiple) para los nombres de frutas y verduras en español.

CONTENIDO: Este recurso contiene 10 Páginas:

  • Frutas y Verduras – Tarjetas – (8 páginas)
  • Hoja de respuestas para alumnos – (1 página)
  • Respuestas para profesores – (1 página)

EDAD: 6 años o más

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