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When to make the RR sound in Spanish

The RR sound in Spanish

The RR sound in Spanish The letter R in Spanish can be pronounced two ways: as a single R sound or a rolling RR sound. The double R (or RR) sound is one that does not appear in English. The RR in Spanish is a rolling sound where you tongue vibrates (or trills) on the […]

Cardinal points of a compass in Spanish

Compass Points in Spanish

How do you say the points of a compass in Spanish? The four main cardinal points of the compass are: norte (north) este (east) sur (south) oeste (west) Oeste (west) and Este (east) are very similar in spelling so can understandably be confused at the beginning. Occasionally you will see Oriente instead of East and […]

Spanish Games - Juegos en Español

New Spanish Games: Hotels, Sport and Transport

Yes, we have been getting back into creating new material again to help you learn Spanish. This time we have 4 new games and a new vocabulary topic. Juegos Nuevos – New Games Los Hoteles – Hotels La Sala de Estar – The Living Room Los Deportes – Sport Los Medios de Transporte – Transport […]

Learn Spanish Every Day

Learn something new every day

Learn something new in Spanish every day One of the most important things about learning Spanish (or any language) is to be consistent. It is best to learn a little every day than try and learn a lot in one day and nothing over the next ones. The more frequently you have contact with Spanish, […]

Woodward Spanish - Resources for Spanish Teachers and Students

Welcome to Woodward Spanish!

Welcome to Woodward Spanish. We have lots of great things coming up for you including: Our Spanish blog with something new to learn every week Resources for Spanish teachers that can be used in class including lesson plans, handouts and worksheets Resources for parents and those doing homeschooling A free online Spanish Course with video […]