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Diptongo e Hiato en español - Diphthong and Hiatus in Spanish

Diptongo e Hiato

I have just created a new page about Diptongo e Hiato. These are when Spanish words have two vowels together and how sometimes they are pronounced as one syllable (diptongo) or as a part of two individual syllables (hiato). In Chile this topic is seen by 3rd and 4th grade students during language classes (lenguaje). […]

Woodward Spanish on Instagram

Woodward Spanish on Instagram

This is to let you know that you can now find Woodward Spanish on Instagram. Yes, we will now add any new charts and images that we create onto Instagram for those that like spending time there. Eventually we will also add some of the charts we have already created too. So remember, follow us there: Woodward Spanish on Instagram Have […]

Spanish Present Tense Regular Verb Conjugation Chart

Spanish Present Tense

Here is our latest chart showing how to conjugate (= change the form of) regular Spanish verbs in the Present Tense: Notice how the ending of the verb changes for each subject. Read our explanation of how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the Present Tense (including some of the irregular verbs) Or, if you prefer, see our notes […]

Planets in Spanish - Los planetas en español

Los Planetas – Planets in Spanish

The image above is from a new page we created to help people learn about the planets in Spanish. Spanish Vocabulary: El sistema solar y los planetas – Here we have included facts about each planet in our solar system (and the sun). Random fact: Did you know that Venus is the hottest planet in our solar […]

Days of the week in Spanish with English translation - Los días de la semana en español y inglés

Days of the week in Spanish

One of the first things you come across when learning languages are the Days of the Week. List of Days of the week in Spanish Notice how the Spanish days of the week do NOT start with a capital letter. lunes (Monday) martes (Tuesday) miércoles (Wednesday) jueves (Thursday) viernes (Friday) sábado (Saturday) domingo (Sunday) You […]

Sports in Spanish - Los deportes en español

Sports in Spanish

This is the new cartoon chart we have created. Of course it only contains a small number of sports though it is a good start. We have some vocabulary notes that are completely in Spanish: Los deportes And another page where the Spanish vocabulary is explained in English: Sports in Spanish Once you have studied […]

The Spanish Verb GUSTAR and how to say that you like something in Spanish

How to say LIKE in Spanish – Gustar

Saying that you LIKE something in Spanish can sometimes be difficult for an English speaker because the rules for conjugating (changing) the verb, in this case GUSTAR, are different from your normal rules. That is why we have just created a new page all about the verb GUSTAR in Spanish. (How to say you like […]

Members of the Family in Spanish

Family Members in Spanish – La Familia

Most students know the Padre is Father in Spanish and Madre is Mother. But how do you say great grandfather in Spanish? Or how about Mother-in-law in Spanish, and no, it’s not bruja …. yet you may hear this occasionally, though just not in front of her. 🙂 We have just created some pages with […]

Los animales invertebrados - clasificación

Los Animales Invertebrados

About 4 months ago we created a page with a chart and game about the Vertebrate Animals in Spanish. Well, now we have a new page, chart and game about Invertebrate Animals (Los animales invertebrados) These are great for school kids in a Natural Sciences (Ciencias Naturales) class. So here is the page with the […]

Preposiciones de Lugar en español - Prepositions of Place in Spanish

Prepositions of Place in Spanish

We have just created this new chart using cartoon dogs to show some of the prepositions of place in Spanish.   We have a list with more prepositions of place including examples of each one here: Prepositions of Place (explained in English) Preposiciones de lugar (en español) (You will notice that the examples are different […]