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A list of Empanadas and their different names and flavors in Spanish.

Sabores de Empanadas

This photo was taken in Concon, a coastal town in Chile which is known for having great empanadas. The numbers inside each empanada is the price of them in Chilean Pesos. If you would like to learn more about other Food from Chile, check out Typical Chilean Food. Before you look below, try and find […]

Foto de un desfibrilador

Foto de un desfibrilador

Foto de un desfibrilador Another example of real life Spanish, we recently took this photo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What is it? What else does it say?   Vocabulario – Vocabulary Desfibrilador – (noun – masc) defibrillator (that device you use to give an electrical charge to the heart area in an emergency). Sonar – […]

Destapá Felicidad - Spanish in Argentina

Detapá felicidad – Spanish in Argentina

Detapá felicidad – Spanish in Argentina This is a Billboard we recently saw in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ignore the fact that it is for a “slightly” well-known brand of some liquid. What we are interested in is the text within the advertisement. It says Detapá felicidad Ya tenés todo listo. Refrescate. Destapar: (Infinitive) to take […]

A sign in Spanish saying Celebre con responsibilidad

Celebre con responsabilidad

Vocabulary – Vocabulario Celebrar (verb) = To celebrate Con (preposition) = with Responsabilidad (noun – fem) = Responsibility   Imperativo – Imperative Notice how the verb “celebre” ends in an E even though celebrar is an –AR verb. That is because the verb is in the imperativo (imperative) form. Remember that this conjugation is often […]

Partes del cuerpo humano en español

Partes del Cuerpo – Vocabulario

More Spanish Vocabulary and Games If you would like a more detailed list of the parts of the body in Spanish, then check out our El Cuerpo Humano page (which is entirely in Spanish). There you will find an explanation about each part in Spanish as well as more vocabulary that doesn’t appear in the chart […]

La caja y el mostrador de una carnicería en Chile

Hay que pagar en la caja

LA CAJA En Chile, la caja no solo significa que es un recipiente de diferentes tamaños que sirve para guardar cosas, sino que también, es el nombre que se da al lugar en el que pagas algo que compras o pagas tu cuenta directamente. Quizás el nombre que se atribuye a la caja viene del […]

Foto del horario de dirección de tránsito

Horario de la dirección de tránsito

Horario de la dirección de tránsito A photo we took of a road sign at an intersection in Santiago, Chile. VOCABULARY Horario= schedule, timetable Dirección= direction Tránsito = traffic, transit Símbolo = symbol Rojo = red Línea = line Flecha = arroz Indicar = to indicate, to show, to point to Doblar = to turn, […]

No Estacionar toda la cuadra ambos costados

No Estacionar Toda La Cuadra

No Estacionar – Toda La Cuadra Ambos Costados I found this sign on a post on the side of the road in Santiago, Chile. The symbol of a red circle with a red diagonal line crossing it universally known as NO (insert thing or activity you aren’t supposed to do) Notice how there is the […]