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Diptongo e Hiato en español - Diphthong and Hiatus in Spanish

Diptongo e Hiato

I have just created a new page about Diptongo e Hiato. These are when Spanish words have two vowels together and how sometimes they are pronounced as one syllable (diptongo) or as a part of two individual syllables (hiato). In Chile this topic is seen by 3rd and 4th grade students during language classes (lenguaje). […]

Videos for learning Spanish - Videos para aprender español

Videos for learning Spanish

FINALLY!!!! We have started creating videos to help students learn Spanish. We created the channel in 2011 though have only just started adding videos now – October 2016. Our intention is to add one or two new Spanish videos every month. Some videos will be for people learning Spanish as a foreign language (ELE – español como lengua extranjera) […]

La diferencia entre Botar y Votar - The difference between Botar and Votar

Botar vs Votar

A common mistake I see in written Spanish are with the verbs BOTAR and VOTAR and how sometimes a person writes Botar instead of Votar and vice versa. This is common among native speakers. Why is this? According to the Real Academia Española, the letters B and V are pronounced exactly the same in all […]

Trabalenguas con R y RR en español - Tongue Twisters in Spanish

Trabalenguas con R y RR – Tongue Twisters

Earlier this year we talked about the RR sound in Spanish and how rolling the R can be difficult for some nationalities. Well, we have created a long list of tongue twisters in Spanish that practice the R and RR sound. Trabalenguas = Tongue Twisters Do you see how this word is formed? From the […]

Palabras agudas, graves, esdrújulas y sobresdrújulas

Where to put the accent in Spanish words

Ever wondered where to put the accent or emphasis on a word in Spanish? Well in Spanish there are 4 types of accents. These are the Palabras agudas, Palabras graves (or sometimes called palabras llanas), Palabras esdrújulas and Palabras sobresdrújulas. Learning these 4 types of words will help you know when to put the accent […]

When to make the RR sound in Spanish

The RR sound in Spanish

The RR sound in Spanish The letter R in Spanish can be pronounced two ways: as a single R sound or a rolling RR sound. The double R (or RR) sound is one that does not appear in English. The RR in Spanish is a rolling sound where you tongue vibrates (or trills) on the […]